Educating and empowering youth through gardening.

Preparing stewards for a sustainable future.   

P.O. Box 605

Flagstaff, AZ 86002


Terra BIRDS' mission is to educate and empower young people through gardening to help prepare them as the stewards of a sustainable future for humanity.

We are a non-profit team of educators, gardeners and youth advocates offering programs based around the themes of stewardship of the environment, personal wellness, community strength and resiliency, and occupational success.  Terra BIRDS engages people in three distinct program areas, all designed to educate and inspire local youth and adults to act as stewards of their communities and lands: 

SCHOOL GARDENS.  Environmental stewardship, personal wellness, and applied science for elementary student gardeners caring for their school grounds. 

JOBS.  Green collar employment, vocational and life skills development, and on-the-job training for at-risk youth.

COMMUNITY GARDENS. Providing Flagstaff's urban community gardeners a place to grow, harvest, and learn together.

All of these programs provide access to healthy foods and outdoor activities, help alleviate local hunger, and build
sustainable urban habitat.